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For Candidates

We endeavour to make our candidates feel seen and heard, however it is impossible to interact personally with each individual candidate therefore we need your proactive involvement in the recruitment process.

Applicants' Call to Action

  • Make sure your cv is up to date before you submit it, it makes it almost impossible for our consultants to work effectively with your details if your cv is outdated
  • Submit your cv in the format that is stipulated, when you submit your documents in a differing format or a format requiring passwords or specific programmes to download them this also limits your success as we do not have the time to figure out how to access your details
  • Register on our database, however your role does not stop there, if you are wanting to be proactive keep an eye on our vacancies page and reapply for any specific vacancy, your cv then goes directly to the consultant working on that specific vacancy
  • Do not apply for vacancies for which you do not have the qualifications or experience. Not only is it frustrating screening these cv’s but you will feel desperate as you are submitting endless cv’s and getting no feedback, if you spend your time being more focused on the details of the jobs you are applying for you will have better results.
  • Join our Kerry Kopp Recruitment facebook page here to see new vacancies as they arise and receive news and tips for our community of job seekers.

Your details will be kept confidential and they will only be presented to a client with your permission after a consultant has interviewed you.  See our privacy policy here

You will only be contacted by our consultants if you are shortlisted for a specific role or we choose to represent you to our clients with your permission. There is,, unfortunately no guarantee that we will be able to assist.

We look forward to working with you, should we have a suitable vacancy and hope that checking our listings and engaging on our facebook page will support you in your search for meaningful employment!